Group “Urban Bridge Monument”

Now, in the wake of flourishing the truth of human existence, the “city” as the central nucleus of his life needs to be enriched so that every human activity can derive power from it and become an opportunity for the rift of existence. A different look to get rid of dailiness and regain human identity.

When the “bridge“ is built between the two realms, the two coasts that were already in place are now not only interconnected, but bring together the earth, sky, man and God, and bring the place into existence. Letting it not be a part of it before.
The architect sometimes brings together signs to create a new place in the context of social life. The great combination of” Monument“ as its urban symbol is perhaps a sign of a new consciousness for man.

The Urban Bridge Monument seeks to enhance the centrality of human life by identifying with environmental awareness, giving place to its essence, and connecting it with other layers To exist.